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WordPress Site Speed Optimization Service

We already helped hundreds of clients improve their site speed performance leading to a high conversion rate, better google rankings and great user experience!

The price depends on many factors. Send us your site for analysis.

$800-3500/one time

Google Autocomplete Package

We’ll remove negative keywords suggested by Googles auto suggestion algorithm when people type your name / business name in the search field.


Google SEO Package

Let Our SEO experts take your website to the next level by bringing your business to thousands more customers. Better search visibility, better user experience, stand out from your competition.


Reputation Management (ORM) Package

Got hit by negative reviews across the web? We’ll do whatever it takes to assure your brands reputation is squeaky clean


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Boost Your Site Speed

Let’s face it, a slow WordPress site causes frustration for your users and leads to a high bounce rate, bad user experience, low conversion rate and horrible google rankings!

Don’t let that be your website. We’re here to ensure that your WordPress site loading speed is off the charts, helping you shine out from the competition.

WordPress Site Speed Optimization

Over the years, WordPress continuously dominates the content management systems market — powering about 42% of all the sites on the internet. It is a platform where you can create your online portfolio, marketing website, news site, business site, online community hubs, and any other type of site you can imagine.  

When you are a WordPress site owner, aside from the design and content of your page, you also need to consider the website speed. People can easily search for your website. But they can also leave quickly due to broken images and unloading content. 

That’s where our WordPress Site Speed Optimization Service comes into play. We excel in improving your website speed, so you can attract more audience, generate more income, and enhance user experience. 

What Makes Your WordPress Site Slow?

Before going deep into what you can do for your slow WordPress site, you should know why it is slow in the first place. Here are some of the factors that affect the speed of your website:

Poor Web Hosting Service

Web hosting service allows your WordPress site to be accessible on the internet. If your web host does not match your site’s requirements, especially traffic, then expect a slow response whenever people open your site.   

For a faster response time, you can invest in HTTP2 protocol support. Although it is pricier, you can guarantee that your site visitors will not leave because of speed.  

Overloaded with WordPress Plugins

Plugins add functions and features to your website without changing the way you program your site. One of the advantages of WordPress is its custom plugins that allow users to put anything they like. However, as the saying goes, too much is always bad. 

If there are too many plugins used, then your site is bound to crash. With all the information it is trying to load simultaneously, your visitor will leave before all the plugins could have loaded.  

Uncompressed Images

Images make your WordPress website more appealing and the contents easy to identify. But, note that the size of the images you use in your site affects its response time. 

Most of the time, a 1920px (width) image is enough for the size of a desktop and 700px (width) for a mobile phone. So you don’t have to upload an image larger than these sizes, and you need to resize the image according to the space it would occupy on your site.

Aside from the image dimensions, you should also set the file size properly. To reduce the file size of an image, you can adjust its dots per inch or DPI. More often than not, a DPI of 72 is enough to get a quality image without sacrificing the loading time of your WordPress site. 

Unnecessary Long Codes 

Your WordPress site uses different programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. For you to create a WordPress site, the codes can be several pages with hundreds of lines.

However, unnecessary lines of code can make your website load slower. So, you or your programmer should make sure that the system can read your code as efficiently as possible.  

Excessive Ads

Ads can help your website generate income, but they should never be at the expense of your site’s loading time. Besides, a WordPress site flooded with ads can be frustrating for your site visitors. 

Moreover, ads increase HTTP requests that demand more processing time from your website, Meaning your images and site contents compete with the ads to load first. Excessive and uncontrolled ads may soon cause lags

What Can We Do For Your Slow WordPress Site?

It only takes about three seconds for your visitors to leave your site when they encounter loading problems. So, as the WordPress site owner, you need a dedicated team to test and optimize your site. 

Luckily, you can rely on us to conduct comprehensive tests and optimization procedures to make your visitors stay. Here are some of the things we can do for you:

Test Your Site

Most WordPress site owners don’t know the actual speed of their site. It may be fast on their side but not on their guests’. Also, the loading time may differ depending on the device used — desktop or mobile. Thus, it is crucial to test your site.

Our “Test My Site Speed” service is readily available to help you boost your site speed. Our service is different from the free online tools since we make comprehensive tests on your site for both the desktop and mobile versions.

Organize Codes

Our team can organize your codes and remove unnecessary lines, which makes your site loads slower. We will maintain the programs within your site, but we will make it more efficient and effective. 

Moreover, we can compile code files into organized and easy-to-access folders to help you speed up your WordPress site. We are experts in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and other programming languages. 

Incorporate the Right Plugins

With a wide variety of plugins available for your site, we can help you determine the right plugins that can optimize your website’s speed. Our knowledge of WordPress plugins is second to none. We use up-to-date plugins to avoid weighing down your site’s speed.

You can maximize the functionality of your site without compromising its speed — that’s our guarantee.

Reassess Hosting Plan

As we have mentioned earlier, you can shift to an HTTP2 protocol for a faster response time. However, let’s face it, not all site owners have the capacity to switch. So, the alternative is to assess your website’s requirements and choose a hosting plan that is perfect for you. 

Our team will gladly help you choose the perfect hosting plan. Don’t worry since we are experts in the field and will only present the top-rated selections fit for your monthly budget. 

Optimize Images

Image optimization is a process that reduces the file size of an image without making any major changes to its quality. Uploading hundreds or thousands of pictures on your site using a third-party application would be time-consuming. 

So, you can depend on us to optimize images as small as possible without affecting their quality. We can finish the job right away. 

Maximize on a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network allows efficient distribution of web content to internet users based on their location. We can compare it to an ATM that makes money withdrawal accessible wherever you are. But instead of money, it is the content of your WordPress site.   

CDN is the solution to lessen the traffic caused by high-quality graphics and videos on the internet. So, your site can maximize this network. You can always ask us for assistance with your CDN.  

WordPress Site Caching

Caching lets you store files into temporary storage, which makes them easy to access. For a WordPress site, you can use this process for writing codes, plugins, and the server’s built-in cache.  

Using more than one caching plugin would result in a slower website instead of a faster one. Don’t hesitate to ask us for the most appropriate caching plugin for your site.  

Use gZIP Compression

If you use gZIP compression, you can command the server to compress web objects, such as images, CSS, JavaScript files, to a single folder before sending them to the requesting browser. That way, it reduces data size from the server to the site visitor, which results in a faster loading time. 

Our experts can help set up gZip compression at your request. We make sure to bring the service to you without faults and hassle-free. 

Improve Mobile Site Speed

Most of the time, WordPress site owners just focus on the desktop version of their websites. Note that you should also focus on the mobile version of your site since most people now have mobile devices — and they even can’t go out without one. 

So, your site also needs to improve load speed on mobile devices. Some processes of WordPress speed optimization are a bit different than the desktop version, such as additional CSS rules and consideration for resizing images. 

If you want to improve your site’s load speed on mobile devices, don’t hesitate to contact our team.   

These are just some of the WordPress Site Speed Optimization Services we offer. You can contact our friendly staff to ask about our detailed list of services. We guarantee to bring the best and brightest team to handle your concerns.   

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Advantages of WordPress Site Speed Optimization

You should never ignore a slow website, especially if your reputation or revenue is on the line. If your content management system is WordPress, you can ask for WordPress site speed optimization whenever you face speed issues. Here are the benefits you can get from this service: 

Optimized Loading Time

As a website owner, speed is not the only priority of your website. The speed should balance with the design and contents so that you can achieve your site’s purpose.

For instance, an online shop that sells clothes should display high-quality images of their products — which may include their details. With many pictures, these could slow down the website. But through WordPress optimization, you can balance the response time of your site and its images and contents. 

Higher Conversion Rate

Conversion pertains to the specific website activities that you want your visitors to take. Then, the conversion rate is the number of conversions over the total number of visitors. 

For e-commerce, you would want a higher conversion rate since it would mean higher profit. But that would not be the case if your WordPress site is slow. With the whole online market as a possible competitor, one of the factors online shoppers look for is how fast they can check out their items. Thus, you need to optimize your website speed with a WordPress Optimization Service. 

Higher Search Engine Ranking 

Do you often wonder how a specific website becomes the first result after a Google search? Search engines, Google in particular, uses algorithms that compute the rank of your website. And one of the factors that Google looks into is the site speed. 

Clearly, websites with a faster response time have a higher chance to rank better. However, Google also checks internal links, keyword targeting, title and header tags, URL structure, quality of its content, and many more.  

Improve Mobile Experience

As mentioned earlier, the WordPress site’s loading time for the desktop version and mobile version can be quite different. Since most users can now access internet sites through phones, then improving mobile website speed is a must. 

With WordPress Speed Optimization Service, you can expect faster transactions since your site’s access is within the people’s fingertips. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable Team of Experts

Managing a WordPress website is no easy task. We understand that one visitor lost can mean a profit loss. You can always depend on our team with expert knowledge and skills on WordPress site speed optimization. With years of experience at our back, you can expect accurate and flawless service. 

Up-to-date Knowledge

We all know how fast-paced the industry of web development is. So, we make sure to keep updated on the latest trends and apply them to our procedures. Our team has studied the necessary knowledge and skills to solve your WordPress site speed problems. 

Advanced Technology

We make sure to equip ourselves with the right and advanced technology to perform the WordPress optimization service. Our team knows how to operate and maximize these devices to their full potential. 

Dedicated And Friendly Staff

As our client, you will be our top priority. You can always call our friendly staff whenever you have questions about our services, or you need to inquire about a specific problem. We will be happy to assist you. 

Best WordPress Site Speed Optimization Service

We take pride in our comprehensive and detailed WordPress site speed optimization service. Our team can assist you no matter how trivial or complicated the site’s speed problem is. We will discuss how to optimize your WordPress site depending on our test findings. Excellent and efficient — that’s our guarantee!

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