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Theater Talks

Explore pioneering projects and industry-changing
innovations in short talks from thought leaders.


Sustainability by Design | Marco Ciccone & Esbjorn Kjell


Building a Restorative Future Through Material Reuse | Shannon Goodman


Transformational Approaches to Construction  | Lindsey Rem


Building a Fair-Chance Employment Culture | Amy King


Embracing the Possibilities of Camera-to-Cloud Technology | Steve Marshall


Using Data to Make Construction Predictable | Jit Kee Chin


How Data Informs a New Era of Work | Jana Braaksma


Transforming Infrastructure and Lives for the Future | Catherine Topley


Decarbonizing the Built Environment | Roland Hunziker


Reducing Construction Risk in the Metaverse | Len Klein


Development Decisions: When to Build, Partner, and Buy | Josh Girvin


Harnessing Construction Expertise for Growth | Matt Warren


A Sustainable Future with Green Hydrogen | Enass Abo-Hamed


Radical Approaches to Fostering Team Culture | Victoria Via


How Developers Can Drive Your Digital Transformation | Vladana Darras


Applying AI for Architecture | Caoimhe Loftus


Unlocking Better Construction Outcomes with Data | Manu Venugopal


Why Decarbonization Is Inevitable | Neil D'Souza


Unlocking Data-Driven Decision Making at a Global Scale | Matt Peat


Using Culture and Technology to Fight Climate Change | Fiona Short


Reinventing Construction for Sustainability | Mania Meibodi


Innovating to Rebuild and Improve Infrastructure | Adam Horn


Driving Better Outcomes in Manufacturing with Immersive Design | Andy Pye


Using Mass Timber to Fight Climate Change | Dalton Ho


Creating Real-Time Content, Animation, and Virtual Production | Marc Petit


Leveraging Technology for People-Centered Innovation | Jeff Risom


How Data Will Decarbonize the Construction Industry | Stacy Smedley


Scaling Sustainability through Collaboration | Caspar Honée


Propelling Digital Transformation with 3D Printing | Diana Verdugo


The Building Blocks for Successful Change in Infrastructure | Jeroen Tishauer


Creating Greater Inclusion in the Hybrid Workplace | Karla Baratto


Making Sustainability Attainable in Construction | Callahan Tufts


Better Information to Make Better Construction Decisions | Stuart Maggs


A Digital Transformation Journey in Construction | Coral Butler


The Evolution of BIM for Facilities Management | Nick Stefanidakis


Kalitta Motorsports: A Conversation with Scott Finnis | Scott Finnis


Transforming Your Construction Company for Growth | Sunil Dorairajan