Make Your CAD/CAM Experience Official with Fusion 360 Certifications

Emily Suzuki June 3, 2021 3 min read

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In this article, we cover everything you need to know about Fusion 360 certifications, from which ones we offer to how to register.


So, you’ve been committed to Fusion 360 for a while, and you’re ready to make it official? Now, you can put a label on your relationship with six different Fusion 360 certifications. Our certifications show employers and prospective clients that you have the skills necessary to get the job done—whether it’s designing a new component or operating a lathe. In this article, we’ll show you how to acquire new skills and accelerate your career with Fusion 360 certifications.

What certification levels does Autodesk offer?

Before we get into Fusion 360 certifications, it’s important to note the three different types of certifications that we offer here at Autodesk: associate, professional, and expert. Associate certifications are designed for candidates who are entering the job market or pursuing a new career path, professional certifications are for candidates who have advanced Autodesk software skills and want to stand out in a competitive job market, and expert certifications are for, well, experts in Autodesk software who want to continue mastering new skills.

Prior to registering for an Autodesk certification course, it’s important to double-check that you have the skill set required for the course and certification you’re interested in. Learn more about the qualifications for each level on our certifications page.

What Fusion 360 certifications are available?

We currently have six certifications available for Fusion 360 users. Each one focuses on a different skillset, so you can tailor your certification to your experience and career path:

Autodesk Certified Expert in Generative Design for Manufacturing

Completing this course shows your mastery of expert-level skills in defining and running generative design studies for manufacturing applications. Learn more and get started here.

Autodesk Certified Associate in CAD for Mechanical Design

This certification puts your CAD skills and knowledge of rapid prototyping methods to the test. Learn more and get started here.

Autodesk Certified Associate in CAM for 2.5 Axis Milling

This certification proves your knowledge and skills for programming simple parts and operating CNC and lathe machines. Learn more and get started here.

Autodesk Certified Professional in Design for Manufacturing

This certification will set you up for design and engineering career advancement by highlighting your ability to create designs and documentation for manufacturing processes. Learn more and get started here.

Autodesk Certified Professional in CAM for 3 Axis Milling (Beta)

This certification demonstrates that you’re advanced in job and model preparation, toolpaths, and inspection for 3-axis milling applications. Learn more and get started here.

Autodesk Certified Expert in CAM for Multi-Axis Milling (Beta)

This certification highlights your expert-level skills in process planning, toolpath creation, and output for multi-axis milling applications. Learn more and get started here.

What’s the Fusion 360 certification process?

Once you’ve selected your desired Fusion 360 certification, completing the process takes just four steps:

  1. Explore our course catalog to find learning content that will shape and advance your own skillset. Our courses are on-demand and self-paced so you can take the time you need to succeed.
  2. Take one of our certification prep courses, which focus on the core skills you need to pass your chosen certification’s final exam.
  3. Use your Autodesk account to sign up for a certification exam.
  4. Show off your certification by adding your digital badge and personalized certificate to your resume, website, LinkedIn, online portfolio—wherever you want it! Once you pass, that is.

After reading this article, I hope you feel confident enough to pursue one of these exciting Fusion 360 certification opportunities. As always, you can learn more about each certification over on our certifications page.

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