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Additive Manufacturing for Production

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    This class will show you how to use Revit software to create 3D mold drawings that are used to produce large-format 3D printed molds. We’ll cover the process of going from conceptual design to production mold tickets then to programming specific mold files with Revit and Inventor software. We’ll demonstrate a real-life project that went from a dream to reality in less than a year. You’ll see a real-world R&D project, the use of generative design, and the effects in production on a project that now highlights the New York City skyline.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the ability to use Revit models for the basis of design
    • Learn how setting up standards early helped drive the design
    • Discover how the R&D side—with the help of Autodesk—let us use generative design
    • See how the final product created a NYC icon